Japanese 4 Fleet

4 Fleet was a regional force organized in 1937 to defend the Mandates.  During the Centrifugal Offensive, it was given responsibility for seizing nearby Allied positions, such as Rabaul, Wake Island, and the Gilberts, of which only Wake was strongly defended. places AO Iro with Wake Invasion Force. However, no other source mentions an oiler with Wake Invasion Force. Rottman (2002) places 4 Fleet at Palau until February 1942 but this is not confirmed by any other source.

Administrative structure, 7 December 1941:

4 Fleet (Inoue; at Truk)
    CL Kashima

AH Hikawa Maru

ACM Mogamigawa Maru (7479 tons)

ARC Yomabato Maru (5000 tons)

AW Amakasu Maru #1 (1913 tons)

AG Tateyama Maru (1990 tons)

AP Kamakura Maru (7700 tons, 17.5 knots)

AP Chiyo Maru (4700 tons)

AP Haruna Maru (10,421 tons, 15.5 knots)

AP Hokkai Maru (8416 tons, 16 knots)

AO Kaijo Maru #2 (13,305 tons, 13.5 knots)

AR Matsue Maru

APD PB-32 (with Wake Invasion Force)

APD PB-33 (with Wake Invasion Force)

CX Kongo Maru (with Wake Invasion Force)

CX Kinryu Maru (with Wake Invasion Force)

2 Maizuru SNLF (with Wake Invasion Force)

Cruiser Division 18 (Marumo; with Wake Invasion Force)

  CL Tenryu

CL Tatsuta

Minesweeper Division 19 (Shima)

ACM Tenyo Maru (10,150 tons, 13.5 knots)

CM Okinoshima (with Gilbert Islands Force)

CM Tokiwa (9240 tons; with Gilbert Islands Force)

CM Tsugaru (4000 tons; with Guam Invasion Force)

Destroyer Squadron 6 (Kajioka)

CL Yubari (with Wake Invasion Force)

Destroyer Division 29

  DD Hayate (with Wake Invasion Force)

DD Oite (with Wake Invasion Force)

DD Asanage (with Gilbert Islands Force)

DD Yumage (with Gilbert Islands Force)

Destroyer Division 30 (with Wake Invasion Force)

DD Kisaragi

DD Mochizuki

DD Mutsuki

DD Yayoi

Submarine Squadron 7 (Onishi.; at Kwajalein)

AS Jingei

Submarine Division 26 (en route Wake)

  SS Ro-60

SS Ro-61

SS Ro-62

Submarine Division 27

SS Ro-65 (en route Wake)

SS Ro-66 (en route Wake)

SS Ro-67 (en route Gilbert Islands)

Submarine Division 33 (en route Howland Island)

SS Ro-63

SS Ro-64

SS Ro-68

3 Base Force (Palau Islands)

Minesweeper Division 13

AMc Ataka Maru #3

AMc Tomazono Maru #3

AMc Tokasago Maru

AMc Toroshima Maru

Gunboat Division 4

PG Edo Maru (1299 tons)

PG Saiko Maru

PG Fukuyama Maru (3581 tons, 15.5 knots)

Subchaser Division 55

PC Showa Maru #5 (217 tons)

PC Nichi Maru #1

PC Gamitsu Maru

PC Showa Maru #3 (222 tons)

16 Naval Air Group (at Peleliu)

8 E13A Jake

4 F1M2 Pete

4 Base Force (Moizumi; at Truk)

PG Choko Maru #2 (2629 tons)

PG Choan Maru #2 (2613 tons)

PG Heijo Maru (2627 tons)

AN Koei Maru (863 tons)

PC Takunan Maru #10 (343 tons)

Minesweeper Division 14

AMc Hogomoro Maru

AMc Noshiro Maru #2 (216 tons)

AMc Tama Maru (264 tons)

AMc Tama Maru #2 (264 tons)

Gunboat Division 5

PG Keijo Maru (2626 tons)

PG Nikkai Maru (2562 tons)

PG Seikai Maru (2693 tons)

Subchaser Division 56

SC Tama Maru #8 (279 tons)

SC Toshi Maru #3 (298 tons)

AN Kotobuki Maru #5 (720 tons)

Subchaser Division 57

PG Shonon Maru #15

PC Takunan Maru #2 (343 tons)

AN Kunimitsu Maru

17 Naval Air Group

E13A Jake

5 Base Force (Kasuga Atsushi; at Saipan)
Minesweeper Division 15

AMc Fumi Maru #2 (304 tons)

AMc Seku Maru #3

Gunboat Division 7

PG Kogyoku Maru

PG Shotoku Maru (1964 tons)

PG Hirotama Maru (1911 tons)

PG Shoei Maru (3580 tons)

Subchaser Division 59

PC Sonan Maru #5

PC Sonan Maru #6

AN Shofuku Maru (891 tons)

Subchaser Division 60

PC Kyo Maru #8

PC Kyo Maru #10

AN Shuko Maru (889 tons)

18 Naval Air Group (at Aslito)

F1M2 Pete

6 E7K Alf

6 Base Force (Yatsushiro; at Kwajalein)

PG Fukui Maru

PG Hakkaisan Maru (3311 tons)

PG Kaiun Maru

PG Kaikei Maru

PG Kantori Maru

PG Santos Maru

PG Toyotsu Maru (2930 tons)

Minesweeper Division 16

AMc Shonan Maru #8 (355 tons)

AMc Shonan Maru #9

AMc Tama Maru #3 (258 tons)

AMc Tama Maru #6 (275 tons)

Gunboat Division 8

PG Chokai Maru

PG Daido Maru (2962 tons)

PG Ikunta Maru

PG Nagata Maru (2969 tons)

Subchaser Division 62

PC Takuna Maru #6

PC Takuna Maru #7

AN Katsura Maru (541 tons)

Subchaser Division 63

PC Fumi Maru #3 (370 tons)

PC Shonon Maru #3

AN Kotobuki Maru #3

Subchaser DIvision 64

PC Shonon Maru #10

PC Shonon Maru #11

AN Kashima Maru (879 tons)

Subchaser Division 65

PC Kyo Maru #6

PC Kyo Maru #7

AN Uji Maru

51 Guard Force (at Jaluit)

52 Guard Force (at Maloelap)

53 Guard Force (at Wotje)

19 Naval Air Group


  F1M2 Pete

E13A Jake


4 F1M2 Pete

2 E13A Jake

24 Air Flotilla (Goto; at Kwajalein)

24 NAF Transport Unit (11 transports of uncertain type)

AV Kiyokawa Maru (off Guam)

6 E8N Dave

2 E7K Alf

AV Goshu Maru (10,600 tons, 14.5 knots)

Yokohama Air Group (at Maloelap)

Taroa NAS, Maloelap:

  21 H6K Mavis

Imiage NAS, Jaluit:

11 H6K Mavis

Chitose Air Group (at Kwajalein)

AV Kamoi (at Truk)

Roi NAS, Kwajalein:

36 G3M Nell

1 G4M Betty

24 A5M Claude

Taroa NAS, Maloelap:

12 A5M Claude

Task forces, 7 December 1941:

Wake Invasion Force (Kajioka; at Ruotta anchorage, Kwajalein)
  Cruiser Division 18 (Marumo)

  CL Tenryu

CL Tatsuta

Elements, Destroyer Squadron 6 (Kajioka)

CL Yubari

Elements, Destroyer Division 29

  DD Hayate

DD Oite

Destroyer Division 30

DD Kisaragi

DD Mochizuki

DD Mutsuki

DD Yayoi



CX Kongo Maru (8624 tons, 16.5 knots)

CX Kinryu Maru (6524 tons, 11 knots)

AS JingeiRottman (2002)

Maizuru 2 SNLF (450 men plus garrison troops)

Gilbert Islands Force (Shima)
  Elements, Minesweeper Division 19 (Shima)

  CM Okinoshima 

CM Tokiwa (9240 tons)

CM Tsugaru (4000 tons)

Elements, Destroyer Squadron 6

Elements, Destroyer Division 29

  DD Asanage

DD Yumage

Elements, 51 Guard Force

References (accessed 2008-1-3)

Francillon (1979)

Jentschura, Jung, and Mickel (1977)

Morison (1948)

Prados (1995)

Rottman (2002)

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