Kamikaze Class, Japanese Destroyers

                  of Kamikaze-class destroyer

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Schematic of Kamikaze-class destroyer

ONI 222


Tonnage 1400 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 336'6" by 30'0" by 9'7"
102.57m by 9.14m by 2.92m
Maximum speed       37.3 knots
Complement 148
Armament 4x1 4.7"/45 dual-purpose guns
2 7.7mm machine guns
3x2 21" (53cm) torpedo tubes
2-shaft Parsons geared turbine (38,500 shp)
4 Kampon boilers
Bunkerage 420 tons fuel oil
Range 3600 nautical miles (6700 km) at 14 knots

1941-1942: Rearmed with 3 4.7" guns, 10 25mm/60 AA guns, 4 21" torpedo tubes, 4 depth charge throwers and 18 depth charges.

1944-6: Light antiaircraft armament increased to 13 to 20 25mm guns and 4 13mm/76 machine guns. Speed reduced to 35 knots.

The Kamikazes were completed in 1922-1925 in various yards. They were essentially improved Minekazes. Two additional units were canceled in conformance with the Washington Treaty. The final four units (Oite, Hayate, Asanagi and Yunagi) are sometimes treated as a separate class (Oite class) because they used Kampon rather than Parsons machinery. However, there was no appreciable difference in performance.

Though obsolescent, the Kamikazes were being modernized when war broke out.

Units in the Pacific:




With Close Covering Force

Torpedoed 1944-8-23 off Philippines by Haddo


With First Surprise Attack_Force

Damaged by aircraft 1945-1-21 off Formosa and not repaired


With Close Covering Force

Torpedoed 1944-6-9 off Chichi-jima by Swordfish


With First Surprise Attack_Force      

Sunk by aircraft 1945-1-15 at Takao


With Wake Invasion Force

Sunk by aircraft 1944-2-17 at Truk
Hayate With Wake Invasion Force Sunk by coastal batteries 1941-12-11 off Wake
Asanagi With Gilbert Islands Force Torpedoed 1944-5-22 off Chichi-jima by Pollack
Yunagi With Gilbert Islands Force Torpedoed 1944-8-25 off Philippines by Picuda

Photo Gallery

Profile of Kamikaze in 1925

ONI 222

Bow view of Kamikaze class

Wikimedia Commons

High Bow view of Kamikaze class

Wikimedia Commons

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