Kamikawa Maru Class, Japanese Seaplane Carriers

Photographof Kamikawa Maru, ca. 1939-1940
Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 9687 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 479'4" by 62'3" by 27'6"
146.10m by 18.97m by 8.38m
Maximum speed       17 knots
Complement 500
Aircraft 2 catapults
12 seaplanes
Armament 2 6"/50 guns
2 13mm/76 machine guns
1-shaft M.A.N. diesel (7600 shp)
Modifications Kimikawa Maru and Kiyokawa Maru: an additional 2 3"/40 AA guns

The Kamikawa Marus were converted from motor cargo ships drafted by the Imperial Navy. They had only the lightest of armament and were unsuitable for use anywhere near the front line. Initially configured as seaplane tenders, most were converted to seaplane carriers by the addition of catapults and seaplane storage. 

Units in the Pacific:

Kamikawa Maru       with Singora Attack Force       Torpedoed 1943-4-28 by Scamp north of Kavieng
Kimikawa Maru Paramushiro Torpedoed 1944-10-23 by Sawfish west of Luzon
Kiyokawa Maru Guam Converted to transport in 1942
Kunikawa Maru Completed 1943 Sunk by aircraft 1945-4-30 in Makassar Straits

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