Tokiwa, Japanese Minelayer

Photograph of Tokiwa-class minelayer

Yokohama Maritime Museum. Via Wikimedia Commons.


Tonnage 9240 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 442' by 67' by 24'4"
134.72m by 20.42m by 7.42m
Maximum speed       16 knots
Armament 2 13mm/76 machine guns
3 light machine guns
500 Type 5 mines
Bunkerage 1383 tons coal

The Tokiwa was completed in 1899 as an armored cruiser. She was converted to a minelayer in 1922 and was with the Gilbert Islands Force when war broke out. She was wrecked by aircraft on 8 August 1945 near Ominato.

References (accessed 2008-4-3)

Jentschura, Jung, and Mickel (1977)

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