Matsue Maru, Japanese Repair Ship

Photograph of repair ship Shoei Maru prior to conversion Fair use may apply


Tonnage 5644 tons displacement
Dimensions 402'7" by 54'7" by ?
122.7m by 16.6m by ?
Maximum speed       14 knots
2 4.7"/45 dual-purpose guns
1-shaft geared turbine

The Shoei Maru was completed as a cargo ship for the Matsuoka Kisen K.K. Line in 1938. She was requisitioned by the Japanese Navy and converted to an "auxiliary specially installed construction warship" in April 1941. A month later she was renamed Matsue Maru. She was apparently serving with 4 Fleet when war broke out.

Matsue Maru was torpedoed on 12 May 1942 by submarine S-44 off New Ireland while under way to assist the striken minelayer Okinoshima.

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