Kongo Maru, Japanese Auxiliary Cruiser

Photograph of sister ship of Kongo Maru before militarization

Komaki Maru, sister ship to Kongo Maru before militarization.

From the collection of Björn Larsson


Displacement 8624 gross register tons
Dimensions 450'0" by 61'0" by 27'11"
Maximum speed       18 knots
Armament 4 5.5"/50 guns
Light AA guns
1-shaft Kawasaki M.A.N-type diesel (7,600 shp)
1430 tons

The Kongo Maru was a passenger/cargo ship built for the Kokusai line in 1934 and converted to a commerce raiding role just before war broke out, in October 1941. She was assigned to Wake Invasion Force. She was sunk by aircraft on 10 March 1942 at Salamaua.

Photograph of Kongo Maru sinking

U.S. Navy. Via Wikipedia Commons

References (accessed 2009-10-30)

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