U.S. Battle Force

The Battle Force, Pacific Fleet, consisted of the main battle line of the U.S. Navy and its escorts.

Administrative structure, 7 December 1941:

Battle Force (Pye)
  Battleships, Battle Force (Anderson)

  Battleship Division 1

  BB Arizona

BB Pennsylvania

BB Nevada

Battleship Division 2 (Bagley)

BB Oklahoma

BB California

BB Tennessee

Battleship Division 4

BB West Virginia

BB Maryland

BB Colorado At Bremerton for refit

Aircraft, Battle Force (Halsey)

Carrier Division 1 (Fitch)

CV Lexington (with Task Force 12)

  16 F2A Buffalo
32 SBD Dauntless
18 SB2U Vindicator
14 TBD Devastator
The Vindicators were Marine aircraft being ferried to Midway.

CV Saratoga (with Task Force 14)

10 F4F Wildcat
46 SBD Dauntless
12 TBD Devastator

Carrier Division 2 (Halsey)

CV Enterprise

19 F4F Wildcat
38 SBD Dauntless
22 TBD Devastator

North Island NAS

8 F2A3 Buffalo
10 F3F2
4 F4F3 Wildcat
4 J2F5 Duck
4 OS2U Kingfisher
17 SBD3 Dauntless
6 TBD Devastator


9 PBY Catalina
9 SOC Seagull

Cruisers, Battle Force (Leary)

Cruiser Division 3 (Bidwell; at Panama)

CL Trenton

CL Richmond

CL Concord (with TF 14)

Cruiser Division 9 (Leary)

CL Phoenix

CL Honolulu

CL St.Louis

CL Helena

Destroyers, Battle Force (Draemel)

Destroyer Division 50 (at San Diego)

DD Rathburne

DD Talbot

DD Waters

Destroyer Flotilla 1 (Theobald)

CL Raleigh

AD Dobbin

AD Whitney

Destroyer Squadron 1

DD Phelps

Destroyer Division 1

DD Dewey

DD Hull

DD Macdonough

DD Warden

Destroyer Division 2

  DD Farragut

DD Aylwin

DD Dale

DD Monaghan

Destroyer Squadron 3

DD Clark

Destroyer Division 5

DD Reid

DD Cassin

DD Conyngham

DD Downes

Destroyer Division 6

DD Cummings

D DShaw

DD Case

DD Tucker

Destroyer Squadron 5

DD Porter (with TF12)

Destroyer Division 9 (with TF12)

DD Flusser

DD Drayton

DD Lamson

DD Mahan

Destroyer Division 10

DD Cushing (near 139W 32N)      

DD Perkins (at Mare Island)

DD Smith (at San Francisco)

DD Preston (with TF14)

Destroyer Flotilla 2 (Draemel)

CL Detroit

AD Dixie

Destroyer Squadron 4

DD Selfridge

Destroyer Division 7

DD Bagley

DD Blue

DD Helm


Destroyer Division 8

DD Mugford

DD Ralph Talbot

DD Patterson

DD Jarvis

Destroyer Squadron 6 (with TF8)

DD Balch

Destroyer Division 11

DD Gridley

DD Craven

DD McCall

DD Maury

Destroyer Division 12

DD Benham

DD Ellet

DD Fanning

DD Dunlap

Minecraft, Battle Force (Furlong)

Mine Squadron 1 (Furlong)

Mine Division 1

DMS Tracy

DMS Preble

DMS Sicard

DMS Pruitt

Mine Division 2

DM Gamble

DM Ramsay

DMS Montgomery

DM Breese

Mine Squadron 2

DMS Hopkins (with TF3)

Mine Division 4

DMS Zane

DMS Wasmuth

DMS Trever

DMS Perry

Mine Division 5

DMS Chandler (with TF1)

DMS Hovey (with TF1)

DMS Long (with TF3)

DMS Southard (with TF3)

Mine Division 6

DMS Lamberton (with TF1)

DMS Boggs (with TF1)

DMS Dorsey (with TF3)

DMS Elliot (with TF3)

Task Forces, 7 December 1941

Task Force 8 (Halsey; returning to Oahu from Wake)
CV Enterprise

  19 F4F Wildcat
23 SBD Dauntless
22 TBD Devastator      
The 15 SBDs of VS-6 had already been flown off to Pearl at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack.

CA Northampton (Spruance)      

CA Chester

CA Salt Lake CIty

DD Balch

DD Benham

DD Ellet

DD Fanning

DD Dunlap

DD Gridley

DD McCall

DD Maury
Task Force 14 (Fitch; just entering San Diego harbor)
CV Saratoga

  10 F4F Wildcat
46 SBD Dauntless
12 TBD Devastator      

CL Concord    

DD Brooks

DD Preston

DD Humphreys

DD Sands


Morison (1948) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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