U.S. Fleet Marine Force

The United States Fleet Marine Force was the top command for all Marines not assigned to individual ships.  At the time war broke out in the Pacific, it consisted of the 1 and 2 Marine Divisions, their supporting air wings, and a large number of Marine defense battalions.  Only those units in the Pacific are listed here.

Administrative organization, 7 December 1941:

Fleet Marine Force (Smith; at Washington, D.C.)      
   2 Marine Division (Vogel; at San Diego)

  2 Regiment

6 Regiment

8 Regiment

4 Marine Regiment (at Olongapo)
The official Army history has the bulk of the Marines at Mariveles, with only a detachment at Olongapo.

2 Marine Defense Battalion (at North Island)

3 Marine Defense Battalion (at Pearl Harbor)

4 Marine Defense Battalion (at Pearl Harbor)      

6 Marine Defense Battalion (at Midway) 34 officers, 750 men; equipped with 2 5" guns

VP-21 (at Midway)

12 PBY Catalina

7 Marine Defense Battalion (at Pago Pago)

2 Marine Air Wing (Rowell; at North Island)

Marine Air Group 23 (at Ewa)

VMF-211 (at Ewa)

11 F4F Wildcat 6 destroyed during the Pearl Harbor raid

VMSB-232 (at Ewa)

32 SBD Dauntless 18 destroyed during the Pearl Harbor raid

VMF-221 (at North Island)

14 F4F Wildcat

VMO-251 (at North Island)

1 J2F Duck

2 OS2U Kingfisher


Morison (1948) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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