Royal Australian Navy

Photograph of HMAS Canberra

U.S. National Archives #80-G-13454-A

The Royal Australian Navy was little more than a squadron with no unit larger than a heavy cruiser. However, it fought so well alongside the U.S. Navy that an American heavy cruiser, Canberra, became the only American cruiser named after a foreign city (as well as in memory of the Australian cruiser Canberra, lost in the Battle of Savo Island.)

Australian order of battle, 7 December 1941:

Royal Australian Navy (Royle; at Sydney)

AO Falkefjell 7927 tons, 11.5 knots. A Norwegian tanker on the Sumatra-Australia line that went into RAN service on the fall of Norway.

AO Bishopdale 17,357 tons, 11.5 knots.

AO Kurumba 7806 tons standard displacement, 10 knots. Cargo capacity 2548 tons.
  Australian Squadron (Crace; at Fremantle)

  CA Australia (at Sydney)

CA Canberra (at Sydney)

CL Perth (at Auckland)

CL Hobart (Suez Canal)

CX Kanimbla (at George Town)

CX Westralia (at Darwin)

CX Manoora (at Changi)

ACM Bungaree

AGS Moresby (at Townsville)

Minesweeping Flotilla 20

AMA Ballarat (at Darwin)

AMA Deloraine

AMA Lithgow

AMA Mildura

Sloop Swan (at Port Moresby)

AMA Towoomba

Sloop Warrego (at Melbourne)

AMA Warrnambool (at Darwin)

AMA Wollongong

Minesweeping Flotilla 21 (at Singapore)

AMA Bendigo

AMA Burnie

AMA Goulburn

AMA Mayborough

Australian Destroyer Flotilla (at Singapore)     

  DD Vampire

DD Voyager (at Sydney)

Base Staff Queensland (at Brisbane)

AMA Tambar

AMA Coolebar

Base Staff Western Australia (at Fremantle)

AMA Alfie

AMA Olive Cam

Base Staff Victoria (at Melbourne)

AMA Marrawa


AMA Orara

AMA Doomba

AMA Korowa

AMA Beryl II

AMA Tongkoi

AMA Durraween

Base Staff Newcastle (at Newcastle)

AMA Bermaqui

AMA Narani (at Sydney)

Base Staff Northern Territory (at Darwin)     

AMA Karangi

AN Kangaroo

AN Koala

AMA Tolka

AMA Terka

AMA Gunbar

AN Kookaburra

Base Staff South Australia (at Adelaide)     

AMA Nambucca

AMA Toorie

AMA Warrawee

AMA Gawler


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