Matsuda Chiaki (1896-?)

Matsuda Chiaki was a former head of the American section of Japanese naval intelligence and commanded the battleship Hyuga at the outbreak of war. He was captain of Hyuga during the Midway operation, where he was so impressed with the experimental Type 21 radar set that he became a champion of radar. He became captain of Yamato in 1943.

By August 1944 Matsuda was a rear admiral in command of Carrier Division 4, which consisted of two hybrid battleship-carriers, the Hyuga and Ise, which had had their after gun turrets replaced with small flight decks. He participated in the battle of Leyte Gulf as part of Ozawa's decoy force, both his battleship-carriers surviving the battle.

Postwar Matsuda was interrogated by American historians, who regarded him as highly cooperative.

Service record

1896-9-29   born
Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 14th in a class of 95.  Assigned to CL Tokiwa
1917-8-17   BB Haruna
1917-12-1 Ensign BB Kawachi
1918-8-15   BB Haruna
1918-11-9   CL Adzuma
1919-8-5   CL Asama
1919-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
Torpedo School Basic Course
1920-5-31   Gunnery School Basic Course
1920-12-1   DD Yudachi
1921-12-1   BB Kongo
1922-12-1 Lieutenant Gunnery School Advanced Course
1923-12-1   DD D-1
1924-12-1   BB Mutsu
1925-12-1   Instructor, Gunnery School
1926-12-1   Naval College A-Course
1928-12-10 Lieutenant commander     
Bureau of Personnel, Navy Ministry
1929-5-1   Resident officer, United States
1930-5-1   Assistant attache, United States
1931-7-1   CL Kiso
1931-9-7   S1, N1, Navy General Staff
1933-11-15 Commander  
1935-4-1   Executive officer, CL Abukuma
1935-11-21   Instructor, Naval College
1937-8-16   Staff, 3 Fleet
1937-12-1 Captain  
1937-12-15   Staff, China Area Fleet
1938-2-25   N1, Navy General Staff
1938-8-25   Commander, AS Kamoi
1939-1-14   S5, N3, Navy General Staff
1940-5-22   Trip to Europe, United States
1940-10-1   Staff, Total Warfare Resarch Laboratory
1941-9-1   Commander, Target Ship Settsu
1942-2-20   Commander, BB Hyuga
1942-12-17   Commander, BB Yamato
1943-5-1 Rear admiral
1943-9-7   Joint General Staff
1944-5-1   Commander, Carrier Division 4
1945-3-20   Commander, Yokosuka Air Group


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Nakagawa (1997)

OPNAV-P-03-100 (1945-11-12; accessed 2012-7-13)

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