U.S. Service Force

The Service Force, Pacific Fleet, consisted of the fleet train of the Pacific Fleet. Prior to March 1942 it was known as the Base Force.

Administrative structure, 7 December 1941:

Service Force (Calhoun)
   AP Henry T. Allen (at Mare Island)

AK Mercury

AK Aroostook

AG Argonne

AG Sumner (3142 tons)

Service Squadron 2 (Calhoun) Harbor services

   ATO Sonoma (en route Wake with barges)

ATO Pinola (at San Pedro)

ATO Keosanqua

ATF Navajo
ATO Seminole (between Pearl Harbor and San Diego)

AR Medusa

AR Vestal

AR Rigel

AH Solace

Service Squadron 4 Transport and landing

AP Chaumont (with Pensacola Convoy)

AP Republic (20,110 tons; with Pensacola Convoy)

AP Henderson

AP William Ward Burrows (two days west of International Date Line)     Carrying 33 marines, 60 sailors,
55 civilians, and 1819 tons cargo.
Towing PAB-7

APA Harris (at North Island)

AP St. Mihiel

AP U.S. Grant

AK Alchiba

Service Squadron 6 Mine warfare

AM Robin (southeast of Oahu)

AM Turkey

AM Bobolink

AM Rail

AM Tern

AM Grebe

AM Vireo

Service Squadron 8 Transport of bulk fuel

AKS Castor

AKS Antares

AF Bridge (at Mare Island)

AF Arctic (at Lahaina)

AF Boreas (at San Francisco)

AF Aldebaran (at San Francisco)

AO Kanawha (at Mare Island)

AO Brazos (off Kodiak Island)

AO Cuyama (at San Diego)
Being overhauled

AO Neches (between San Francisco and Hawaii)

AO Tippecanoe (at San Pedro)

AO Neosho

AO Platte (at San Pedro)

AO Ramapo

AO Sabine (at Mare Island)

AO Sepulga (between San Diego and Hawaii)

AO Kaskaskia (at Mare Island) Being overhauled

AE Pyro

AE Lassen

AKS Procyon (at Mare Island)

AO Cuyama (at North Island)


Morison (1948) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

Wildenberg (1996)

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