Izaki Shunji (1892-1943)

Izaki Shunji (Isaki Shunji) was a former captain of the heavy cruiser Mogami who commanded a destroyer flotilla in the Solomons in July 1943. His force was intercepted off Kolombangara by an Allied force under Walden Ainsworth on the night of 12-13 July. Both sides took losses, Izaki being killed when his flagship, the Jintsu, was sunk by gunfire and a torpedo.

Service record

1892-2-5   Born in Fukuoka prefecture
Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 23rd in a class of 117. Assigned to CL Soya
1915-8-27   BB Kashima
1915-12-13 Ensign  
1916-12-1   CL Chikuma
1917-10-27   CL Hirado
1917-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
Gunnery School Basic Course
1918-5-20   Torpedo School Basic Course
1918-12-1   BB Yamashiro
1919-9-25   CL Yakumo
1920-5-10   BB Hiei
1920-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1921-12-1   DD Momo
1923-12-1   DD Minekaze
1924-12-1   CL Yubari
1925-12-1   CL Sendai
1926-11-1   Commander, DD Nara
1926-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
1927-12-1   Commander, DD Kuri
1929-11-30   Commander, DD Ashi
1930-12-1   Commander, DD Asanagi
1931-12-1 Commander
1932-9-15   Staff, Mako Guard District
1934-4-28   Commander, DD Shikinami
1934-11-15   Commander, Torpedo Boat Division 21
1935-2-22   1 Naval District
1935-4-1   Commander, Destroyer Division 9
1936-12-1 Captain  
1937-12-1   Commander, Destroyer Division 7
1938-12-15   Commander, CL Sendai
1939-11-15   Commander, CA Mogami
1941-1-8   1 Naval District
1941-4-15   Commander, CA Maya
1941-8-11   2 Naval District
1941-11-1   Manager, Kure Harbour
1942-11-1 Rear admiral
1943-1-21   Commander, Destroyer Squadron 2
1943-7-12 Vice admiral
Killed in action

References (accessed 2007-3-10)

Fuller (1992)

Materials of IJN (accessed 2008-3-28)

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