Fuchin (132.041E 47.254N) was the center of a coal field in eastern Manchuria, with production of about 800,000 tons per year. The town is located on the Songhua River and was heavily fortified by the Japanese against any Russian attack towards Chiamussu.

By August 1945 the Fuchin Fortified Zone was 19 miles (30km) wide and 7.5 miles (12 km) deep, with centers of resistance in the town and on the nearby Wuerhkulishan (132.264E 47.214N). These included 156 reinforced concrete and timber pillboxes and a network of trenches and antitank obstacles. These were manned by 2/367 Regiment, a battalion of the Sungari River Flotilla, and a security battalion. 7 Manchurian Brigade was in the area but was of dubious reliability.

A Russian amphibious force built around 3/364 Rifle Regiment, embarked on armored cutters and minesweepers and supported by armored monitors, arrived at Fuchin early on 11 August 1945 and managed to land its battalion while dueling with the Japanese artillery. The force was unable to move into the town until reinforced by the main body of 361 Rifle Division and 171 Tank Brigade, which arrived on 13 August. By nightfall the Japanese had fallen back out of the town, and the Russians had resumed their advance on Chiamussu.

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Cohen (1949)

Glantz (2003)

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