Chiamussu (Jiamusi; 130.36E 46.81N) was a Japanese airbase in eastern Manchuria. The airfield based 2 Air Brigade with 27 Ki-51 Sonia and 8 Air Brigade with 36 Ki-27 Nate. It is located on the Songhua River, which is navigable for medium ships to Harbin and Khabarovsk.

The town was an important objective of the Russian 15 Army in the Manchurian campaign of August 1945. The area was defended by 134 Division and 14 Border Guard Brigade. The Soviets brought in an amphibious force built around two battalions of 349 Rife Regiment, transported by the river craft of 1 Amur Flotilla Brigada. These found much of the river bank too flooded for successful landings, but finally landed their force at Sustun (Huachuan; 30.701E 47.021N), 25 miles (40 km) down river from Chiamussu, on 14 August 1945. Meanwhile 23 Rifle Division and 203 Tank Brigade broke through to the north bank of the Songhua River across from Chiamussu. Several attempts to cross the river were driven back by heavy fire and adverse currents. The commander of 2 Far Eastern Front, Purkaev, ordered Amur River Flotilla to make a direct assault on Chiamussu on 15 August, and this succeeded in taking the wharves in spite of logs and burning barges released by the Japanese. The Russians found the city in flames from demolitions, and 632 Rifle Regiment soon eliminated the Japanese rearguard and secured the city.

Some 3500 Manchurian puppet troops in the area surrendered the next day without a fight.

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