E Class, British Destroyers

Photograph of Escapade-class destroyer

Imperial War Museum # FL 11685 via Wikipedia


Tonnage 1405 tons standard
Dimensions 329' by 33'3" by 8'6"
100.28m by 10.13m by 2.59m
Maximum speed       36 knots
Complement 145
Armament 4 4.7"/45 guns
1 3"/45 dual-purpose gun
2x4 0.50 machine guns
1x4 21" torpedo tubes
2 depth charge throwers
1 depth charge rail (20 depth charges)
2-shaft Parsons geared turbine (36,000 shp)
3 Admiralty 3-drum boilers
Bunkerage 470 tons fuel oil
Range 6350 nautical miles (11,800km) at 15 knots
Type 121 sonar
1943: Express landed two of its 4.7" guns and its torpedoes in return for 2x1 57/40 AA guns, two more depth charge throwers (for a total of 70 depth charges), and Hedgehog.

The Escapades were completed in 1934-1935. They were versatile ships capable of any fleet duty. Several were modified so that they could be converted to minelayers on 24 hours' notice. Like most British destroyers, their antiaircraft protection was entirely inadequate. This was partially remedied by replacing one of the two quad torpedo tubes with which they were originally equipped with a 3" dual-purpose gun.

Units in the Pacific:

Electra Singapore  Sunk by gunfire 1942-2-27 at the Battle of the Java Sea
Encounter       Singapore?       Sunk by gunfire 1942-2-28 south of Borneo
Express Singapore


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