Douglas Aircraft Company

Douglas Aircraft Companyy designed and built the excellent SBD Dauntless dive bomber, the A-20 Havoc and A-26 Invader fast bombers, and the C-47 Skytrain and C-54 Skymaster transports. Douglas also built B-17 and B-24 heavy bombers under license.

Douglas facilities were heavily concentrated in southern California. The principal SBD assembly line was at El Segundo and produced an average of 36 airframes per month. The nearby plant at Santa Monica produced an average of 36 A-20, 21 C-47, and 44 C-54 airframes per month during their production runs. The Long Beach factory produced 12 A-20, 44 A-26, and 33 C-47 airframes per month during their production runs. Douglas also had plants in Chicago, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, which in aggregate produced 24 SBD, 36 B-24, 44 A-26, 44 C-54, 41 C-47, and 44 B-17 airframes per month.



Gunston (1988)

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