Boeing Airplane Company

Factory floor producing B-29 Superfortresses


Boeing was a major manufacturer of bombers and other large aircraft during the Second World War. Its factories in the Seattle area took advantage of inexpensive electrical power from the Grand Coulee and other hydroelectric power plants. Boeing also operated a plant near Wichita, Kansas.

Aircraft designed by Boeing included the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-29 Superfortress. Boeing also produced the A-20 Havoc under license. The Renton factory averaged 83 B-29 airframes per month during its production run; Seattle averaged 16 A-20, 178 B-17, and 41 B-29 airframes during their production runs; and Wichita averaged 75 B-29 airframes a month during its production run. Boeing also opened a plant at Vancouver, Canada, which produced components for assembly at the Seattle and Renton factories.

Stearman Aircraft, a subsidiary of Boeing after 1934, produced the PT-17 trainer.



Wilson (1998)

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