PT-17, U.S. Trainer

Photograph of PT-17 trainers

U.S.Navy. Via Wikimedia Commons

Stearman PT-17 Kaydet


Crew 2
Dimensions 32'2" by 24'10" by 9'2"
9.80m by 7.57m by 2.79m
Weight 2717 lbs
1232 kg
Maximum speed       125 mph
201 km/h
Service ceiling 14,000 feet
4270m meters
Power plant 1 225hp (168 kW) Continental R-670-5 radial engine driving a two bladed propeller.
Armament None
Range 450 miles at 104 mph
725 km at 167 km/h
Production 10,346 of all variants
The PT-13D used a Lycoming engine similar to the Continental.
The PT-18 used a Jacobs engine.
The PT-27 featured an enclosed canopy.

The Kaydet, produced by Boeing's Stearman Aircraft subsidiary, was the principal primary trainer used by the U.S. Army and Navy. Like most successful primary trainers, it was a very forgiving aircraft with pleasant handling and was well-liked by its student pilots.


National Museum of the USAF (accesssed 2011-3-12)

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