Arkansas, U.S. Battleship

Photograph of battleship Arkansas

Naval Historical Center #NH 64508

Schematic diagram of Wyoming class battleship

ONI 222


Displacement 27,900 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 558'9" by 106' by 31'10"
170.30m by 32.31m by 9.70m
Maximum speed       21 knots
Complement 1550
Aircraft 1 catapult
3 seaplanes
Armament 6x2 12"/50 guns
10x1 5"/51 guns
12x1 3"/50 AA guns
9x4 40mm Bofors AA guns
2x4, 22x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
Protection 8140 tons:
11" (280mm) belt
11" (280mm) forward bulkhead
9" (229mm) aft bulkhead
4.75" (120mm) armor deck over boiler rooms
5.2" (132mm) armor deck over turbines
4.5 (114mm) armor deck over magazines
2" (57mm) splinter deck over boilers
3" (76mm) splinter deck over magazines
5" (127mm) steering side
3" (76mm) steering roof
6.5" (165mm) casemates
12"/8"/8"/3" (305mm/203mm/203mm/76mm) turret front/roof
10" (254mm) barbettes
6.5" (165mm) uptakes
11.5"/4.7" (292mm/120mm) conning tower
29'6" (9m) torpedo bulges with 1.5" (38mm) holding bulkhead
4-shaft Parsons turbine (28,000 shp)
4 White-Forster boilers
Bunkerage 3768 tons fuel oil
Range 5190 nautical miles (9590 km) at 12 knots
SC radar
FC radar
Modifications 1944-12: Secondary armament consists of 5 5" guns; 12 3" guns; 9x4 40mm guns; 2x4, 28x1 20mm guns.

The Arkansas was the oldest battleship in the U.S. Navy at the start of the war, with a design going back to 1908. She would doubtless have already been scrapped but for the increase in international tensions in the late 1930s. She had been modernized with deck armor but was otherwise completely obsolete. She served most of the war in the Atlantic and was not committed to the Pacific until November 1944.

Arkansas' older sister, class namesake Wyoming, had been converted to a target ship before hostilities broke out, and she was not deemed worth converting back to a battleship.



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