U.S. 5"/25 Mark 10-13 Antiaircraft Gun

Photograph of 5"/25 gun and crew

National Archives #80-G-21946


Ammunition type
Weight of round 53.85 lbs
24.43 kg
Velocity 2110 feet per second
643 meters per second
Maximum elevation       85 degrees
Range 14,500 yards
13,260 meters
Altitude 27,400 feet
8350 meters
Firing cycle 3-4 seconds

This weapon was specifically designed as an antiaircraft weapon in the 1920s and was a good weapon for its time, with training and elevation speeds that were excellent for a hand-driven weapon.  However, it lacked the muzzle velocity for the antisurface role, and it was obsolescent against the faster aircraft of the 1940s.  Many were diverted to use as submarine deck guns for the Balao and Tench classes.

Photo Gallery

Balao class showing details of 5" deck gun

U.S. Navy


Campbell (1985)

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