U.S. 14"/50 Mark 7 Gun

Photograph of 14"/50 gun turrets

Naval Historical Center #NH 80528


Ammunition type
Bagged APC and HC shells
Weight of projectile 1500 lbs
680 kg
Velocity 2700 feet per second
823 meters per second
Maximum elevation       30 degrees
Range 36,300 yards
33,190 meters
Firing cycle 45 seconds
13.6" at 12,000 yards
34.5 cm at 11,000 m

This gun was the main armament for the New Mexicos and Tennessees. The gun was initially a flop, with a salvo dispersion of 1352 yards (1236 m) at 23,959 yards (21,908 m) versus 558 yards at 24,850 yards for the contemporary 16"/45. It took five years to trace the high dispersion to the failure of shells to remain properly seated after being rammed into the gun, due to a design that left considerable dead space in the powder chamber.  With the problem identified and simple fixes put into place, the gun became as accurate as any other in the American arsenal.

The original Mark 7 were gradually replaced on these warships with the Mark 11, which had a chromium plated bore and other improvements.


Campbell (1985)

Friedman (1978, 2008)

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