T3-S Class, U.S. Tankers

Photograph of USS Chiwawa, a T3 tanker
U.S. Navy. Via

T3-S-A1 type


Tonnage 5650 tons light displacement
21,077 tons fully loaded displacement
Dimensions 502'6" by 68' by 31'
153.2m by 20.7m by 9.4m
Maximum speed       15 knots
1-shaft geared turbine (7700 shp)
Range 23,900 nautical miles (44,300 km) at 15 knots
Cargo 134,000 barrels

The T3s were standard Maritime Commission tankers. The T3-S was a simplified version of the T3-S2 with a single shaft and less powerful engines, giving it a speed of 15 knots, which was sufficient for Navy tanker service but not for a fleet oiler. As with the T3-S2 the Navy was so anxious to obtain modern tankers that it took over the contracts for the first few T3-Ss that were completed. These became the Chiwawa class.

Units in the Pacific:

About eight T3-S tankers were completed as civilian merchant ships. The remainder are tabulated under the Chiwawa class.


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Wildenberg (1996)

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