SP Fighter Direction Radar

Photograph of SP radar antenna

U.S. Navy. Via


Wavelength 10 cm
Pulse Width 1 or 5 microsecond
Pulse Repetition Frequency     
120 or 600 Hz
Power 700-1000 kW
Range 35 nautical miles (65 km) on low-flying bomber
70 nautical miles (130 km) on bomber at altitude
40 nautical miles (70 km) on fighter
35 nautical miles (65 km) on battleship
25 nautical miles (45 km) on destroyer
15 nautical miles (30 km) on submarine
PPI with 10, 50, and 80 nautical mile (19, 90, and 150 km) distance scales
Scan rate 6 rotations per minute
Accuracy 200 yards/1.5 degree
180 meters/1.5 degree
Resolution 200 yards/0.5 degrees
180 meters/0.5 degrees
Weight 9000 lbs
4100 kg
Production: 300 from 1944-9

The SP or CXDT radar was a lIghtweight SM installed on the Essex carriers, battleships, cruisers, and even a few destroyers.


Buderi (1998)

Friedman (1981)

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