Shark, British Torpedo Bomber

Photograph of Blackburn Shark torpedo bomber

Canadian Department of National Defense. Via Wikipedia

Blackburn Shark


Crew 3
Dimensions 35'3" by 46' by ??
10.7m by 14.0m
Wing area 489 square feet
45.4 square meters
Weight 4039-8050 lbs
1832-3651 kg
Maximum speed       150 mph
241 km/h
Service ceiling 16,000 feet
4900 meters
Power plant 1 760 hp (567 kW) Armstrong Siddeley Tiger VI driving a three-bladed propeller
Armament 1 0.303 Vickers fixed nose machine gun
1 0.303 Lewis flexible rear cockpit machine gun
External stores 1 torpedo or 1 2000lb (910 kg) bomb
Range 625 miles
1006 km

The Blackburn Shark was a biplane torpedo bomber that was hopelessly obsolete by the start of the Pacific war. A few were still on duty in second-line units, such as Canadian coastal patrol squadrons, which used aircraft manufactured under license at the Boeing plant in Vancouver.


Gunston (1986)

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