Renown Class, British Battle Cruisers

Photograph of HMS Renown

Naval Historical Center #NH-437


Tonnage 36,750 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 738''8" by 101'1" by 26'5"
225.15m by 30.81m by 8.05m
Maximum speed       30.75 knots
Complement 1205
Aircraft 1 double-ended catapult
2 seaplanes
Armament 3x2 15"/42 guns
10x2 4.5"/45 dual-purpose guns
3x8 2pdr AA guns
4x4 0.50 machine guns
6 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
Protection 9070 tons:
9" (229mm) belt
4" (102mm) bulkheads
1" (25mm) main deck
2.5" (64mm) lower deck
3.75" (95mm) NC deck over magazines
2.5" (64mm) deck over boiler rooms
2.5"+1" (64mm+25mm) deck over engine rooms
3.25" (83mm) deck aft
9"/7"/11"/4.5" (229mm/178mm/279m/114mm) turret front/side/rear/roof
7" (178mm) barbettes
3" (76mm) conning tower
Torpedo bulges
4-shaft Parsons single-reduction geared turbine (120,000 shp)
8 Admiralty 3-drum boilers
Bunkerage 4613 tons fuel oil
Range 6580 nautical miles (12,200 km) at 18 knots
Type 271 radar
Renown: Type 282, 284 and 285 radar

Autumn 1942: 10 20mm guns added and 0.50 machine guns removed.

1943-6: 13x2, 3x1 20mm guns added and aircraft removed.

1944-1: 1x4 2pdr guns and 7x2, 5x1 20mm guns added

The Renowns were completed in considerable haste in 1916 following the success of the Invincibles at the battle of the Falklands. By the time they were completed, the battle of Jutland had demonstrated that the armament and armor of battlecruisers were inadequate for the battle line. However, it was possible to work in only modest additional protection.

The ships were extensively modernized in 1936-1939.  They were valued for their speed early in the war.

Units in the Pacific:



Sunk by aircraft 1942-12-10 off Malaya


Arrived 1944-1-27 (Colombo)     

Withdrawn 1945-1


Worth (2001)

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