Otus, U.S. Destroyer Tender

Photograph of destroyer tender Otus

National Archives. Via


Tonnage 5775 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 417'9" by 60' by 27'6"
127.33m by 18.29m by 8.38m
Maximum speed       14 knots
Complement 644
Armament 1 5"/51 gun
4 3"/50 AA guns
One shaft De Laval turbine (4000 shp)
Two Foster-Wheeler boilers

The Otus was completed in 1941 as a Maritime Commission standard C1-B cargo ship converted to a destroyer tender. It was at Mariveles when war broke out. Though slightly damaged in the Cavite raid, she escaped the Philippines debacle and survived the war.


DANFS (accessed 2008-2-15) (accessed 2012-8-4)

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