Mount Vernon Class, U.S. Transports

Photograph of USS Mount Vernon

U.S. Navy. Via

Schematic diagram of Mount Vernon class transport

ONI 222


Tonnage 34,600 tons
Dimensions 705' by 86' by 23'6"
214.9m by 26.2m by 7.2m
Maximum speed       20 knots
Complement 765
Armament 4x1 5"/38 dual-purpose gunSave
4x1 3"/50 AA guns
2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
8 0.50 machine guns
2-shaft New York Shipbuilding geared turbine (30,000 shp)
6 Babcock and Wilcox boilers
4200 tons
Cargo 1060 deadweight tons
292,128 cubic feet/8272 cubic meters

The Mount Vernons were former United States Line passenger ships constructed in 1932-1933, acquired by the Navy in June 1941 and quickly converted to troop transports, and manned by Coast Guard crews.  Both units were en route to Cape Horn when war broke out in the Pacific, and Mount Vernon made a dangerous run to Singapore with reinforcements and to evacuate refugees just before that city fell. Mount Vernon continued to operate in the Pacific theater until May 1944, while Wakefield operated predominantly in the Atlantic except for three trips to the Pacific.

The ships had a maximum cargo boom capacity of 30 tons.

Units in the Pacific:

Mount Vernon     
Arrived 1941-12 (Durban)     
Withdrawn 1944-5
Arrived 1941-12 (Durban)


DANFS (accessed 2011-3-28)

ONI 222 (1945-9-1)

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