Kuomintang 1 War Area

The 1st War Area took in a corridor along the Yellow River from Kaifeng and Chengchow west into central Asia. As with almost all Chinese forces, we can only approximate the dispositions on 7 December 1941.

It is likely that the cream of the 1 War Area troops were watching the Communists in Shensi to the north as closely as they were watching the Japanese.

Kuomintang order of battle, 7 December 1941:

1 War Area (Wei Li-huang; at Sian)

3 Army Group (Sun Tung-hsuan; at Hsuchang, 113.826E 34.008N)      

12 Army (Sun Tung-hsuan)
111 and 112 Divisions

56 Army (Ku Liang-min?)
163 and 164 Divisions

76 Army (Li Tieh-chun?) 196 Division

5 Army Group (Tseng Wan-chung; at Chiyuan (Jiyuan; 112.574E 35.090N) )

3 Army (Li Shih-lung?; at Chi-shan (Jishan: 110.984E 35.604N) 7 and New 3 Divisinos

17 Army (Kao Kuei-tse; at Chi-shan (Jishan: 110.984E 35.604N) ) 2 and 84 Divisions

80 Army (Kung Ling-hsun; at Tai-chai-tsun (Caochuanzhen: 111.528E 34.903N)) 165 and New 27 Divisions

14 Army Group (Liu Mao-en; in the mountains northwest of Chi-yuan (Jiyuan: 112.602E 35.067N)) Wei Li-huang seems to have take personal command of this army group at times. It was essentially a guerrilla force that maintained a precarious toehold in mountainous terrain north of the Yellow River.
9 Army (Pei Chang-hui?)
24 47, and 54 Divisions

14 Army (Chen Tieh)
85 and 94 Divisions

15 Army (Wu Ting-lin)
64 and 65 Divisions

43 Army (Chao Shih-ling?)
70 and New 47 Divisions

93 Army (Liu Kan?) 10 Division

98 Army
42 and 169 Divisions

36 Army Group (Li Chia-yu; at Mien-chi (Mianchi: 111.761E 34.765N))

91 Army (Hsuan Tieh-wu) 58 Provisional, 10 Cavalry, and New 4 Divisions

2 Cavalry Army (An Juncai)
3 Cavalry Division


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Sih (1977)

Wilson (1982)

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