Kumano Maru, Japanese Landing Ship With Flight Deck

Photograph of Kumano Maru Fair use may apply.


Tonnage 8000 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 465'9" by 64'3" by 23'0"
141.96m by 19.58m by 7.01m
Maximum speed       19 knots
Aircraft 361' (110 m) flight deck
37 aircraft
13 Daihatsu landing craft or 12 Toku Daihatsu landing craft
Armament 8 75mm antiaircraft guns
6 25mm/60 AA guns
2-shaft geared turbine (10,000 shp)
4 boilers
Range 6,000 nautical miles (11,000 km) at 17 knots

The Kumano Maru was converted from a 9,502 G.R.T. freighter by the Japanese Army as a "landing ship with flight deck." It could carry a combination of landing craft and small aircraft, the latter intended to be flown off to airstrips ashore. It had no practical capability to land aircraft, for which Army pilots were not trained in any case. Landing craft were launched from ramps through stern doors.

Conversion was completed 31 March 1945, when the need for such ships had completely evaporated.


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