Photograph of USS Honolulu at Honolulu Harbor

National Archives #80-G-451205

Honolulu (157.863W 21.311N) is the chief commercial port of the Hawaiian Islands.  Its climate is uniformly warm and relatively dry, since the city is shielded from the trade winds by the Koolau Range.  In other words, it is very nearly a tropical paradise.

Honolulu was the location of a U.S. naval station until this was relocated to Pearl Harbor in 1913. The station was never more than an elaborate coaling station. By 1941 the port of Honolulu handled the 25 ships per day needed to maintain the civilian population, since Oahu was no longer self-sufficient in food production.

Rail connections

Bellows Field

Fort Shafter

Climate Information:

Elevation 38'

Temperatures: Jan 76/69, Apr 78/68, Jul 82/73, Oct 82/72, record 90/52

Rainfall: Jan 14/4.1, Apr 12/1.9, Jul 14/0.9, Oct 13/1.9 == 25.3" per annum


Pearce and Smith (1990)

"The United States Navy and Hawaii" (1945; accessed 2012-7-24)

Zimm (2011)

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