Ataka, Japanese Gunboat

Photograph of gunboat Ataka

Wikipedia Commons


Tonnage 1094 tons standard
Dimensions 222'0" by 32'11" by 7'5"
67.67m by 10.03m by 2.26m
Maximum speed       16 knots
Complement 118
Armament 1 4.7"/45 dual-purpose gun
3 3"/40 AA guns
8 13mm/76 machine guns
Depth charges
2-shaft reciprocating (1700 shp)
2 boilers
Bunkerage 235 tons coal

The Ataka was completed in 1922 at Yokohama and was modernized in 1937. She was the flagship of the Yangtze Flotilla when war broke out.


Jentschura, Jung, and Mickel (1977)

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