Akiyama Teruo (1891-1943)

Akiyama Teruo joined the Japanese Navy in 1909.  He was a former commander of the Sasebo naval barracks and a submarine base as well as light cruiser Naka. By 1943 he was a rear admiral in command of Destroyer Squadron 6, and he relieved Tanaka in command of Japanese destroyer forces in the Solomons when the latter was relieved for criticizing the Guadalcanal campaign. 

On the night of 6 July 1943, Akiyama took his ten destroyers to Kula Gulf in an effort to reinforce the Japanese forces on New Georgia. He was met by an American cruiser-destroyer force under Walden Ainsworth. Akiyama was killed by the first American salvo, which shattered his flagship, destroyer Niizuki.

Service record

Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 67th in a class of 118. Assigned to CL Asama
1914-8-11   BC Kurama
1914-12-1 Ensign BB Asahi
1915-2-1   Awaiting assignment
BB Suwo
1915-11-5   CL Izumo
1916-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade     
Torpedo School Basic Course
1917-6-1   Gunnery School Basic Course
1917-12-1   Torpedo Boat Division 15
1918-12-1   CL Yudachi
1919-1-18   Submarine Division 13
1919-11-1   Submarine Division 1
1919-12-1   Torpedo School Advanced Course
1920-12-1 Lieutenant Isokaze
1921-8-10   SS-35
1921-11-20   SS-45
1923-12-1   Kure torpedo boat division
1924-2-7   Commander, DD Fubuki
1924-12-1   Commander, AM Yugure
1925-12-1   Commander, AM W-1
1926-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
Commander, DD Tachibana
1928-1-20   Commander, AM W-1
1928-11-1   Commander, DD Kashiwa
1929-11-1   Commander, DD Sawarabi
1930-11-20   Commander, DD Hamakaze
1931-1-8   Kure Defense Unit
1932-11-1   2 Naval District
1932-12-1 Commander Commander, Murakumo
1935-11-15   Executive officer, Kure Defense Unit
1936-11-2   Commander, Minesweeper Division 11
1937-12-1 Captain Commander, Destroyer Division 30
1938-12-10   Commander, Destroyer Division 4
1939-10-25   Commander, Destroyer Division 34
1939-11-15   Commander, CL Naka
1940-10-15   3 Naval District
1940-11-15   Commander, Gunboat Division 1
1941-9-25   Commander, Torpedo Boat Division 1
1942-3-10   Commander, 21 Submarine Base Unit
1942-9-20   3 Naval District
1942-11-1 Rear admiral
1942-11-11   Commander, 2 Sasebo Sailor Corps
1943-3-23   Commander, Destroyer Squadron 6
1943-7-6 VADM Killed in action


Fuller (1992)

Materials of IJN (accessed 2007-12-24)

Prados (1995)

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