1A Class, Japanese Cargo Ships


Tonnage 6400 gross register tons
10425 deadweight tons
Dimensions 445'10" by 58'5" by 32'2"
135.89m by 17.80m by 9.80m
Maximum speed       15 knots
1-shaft turbine (3500 shp)
3 boilers
Range 13,000 nautical miles (21,000 km) at 13.5 knots

The 1As were standard cargo vessels somewhat resembling the Liberty Ships. The design was standardized by the Ministry of Communications, with assistance from the Navy Ministry, early in 1942, and was based on uniform specifications adopted by several yards prior to the war. Construction took about 90 days. The 1As were not significantly different from peacetime designs, with machinery amidships, and were intended for economical use after the war.

Six additional ships were ordered as 1As but completed as Type 2A ships.

Units in the Pacific:

Yamamiya Maru      Completed 1943-10-31     
Torpedoed 1944-6-25 by Bashaw off Celebes

Daibu Maru     

Completed 1944-2-20    
Torpedoed 1944-5-4 by Tinosa 250 miles southeast of Hong Kong
Jokuja Maru     
Completed 1944-3-8
Torpedoed 1944-5-15 by Aspro in Caroline Islands


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