What's New

Updated 27 December 2016

Articles marked with the update icon Updated: in the Table of Contents have been modified in the last three weeks. The articles are flagged automatically and may include fairly trivial changes, such as typographical corrections or addition of new hyperlinks.

I have been systematically adding photograph galleries to ship and aircraft classes and updating biographical information for less prominent generals and admirals.

I have dropped the discussion forums. These have never really caught on, and most of the traffic was reduced to forum spammer attempts. Most of the more useful comments from readers have come in by email or through the comments system, which I intend to keep in place. The only remaining use I could see for the discussion forums was as a place to make announcements, but, as you can see, I've chosen  another way to do that from now on.

The Pacific War Online Encyclopedia © 2016 by Kent G. Budge. Index

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