Zuiderkruis, Dutch Submarine Tender

Photograph of tender Zuiderkruis with submarines alongside Fair use may apply.


Tonnage 2661 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 256'7" by 36'8" by 14'4"
78.21m by 11.18m by 4.37m
Maximum speed       12 knots
Complement 97
Armament 75mm/60 AA gun
11 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
4 machine guns
2-shaft (1700 hp)
2 boilers

The Zuiderkruis was built in 1924 and converted to a submarine tender ca. 1936. She was stationed at Surabaya when war broke out. Escaping the debacle in the Netherlands East Indies, she was stationed for a time at Addu Atoll and apparently survived the war.


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