Yokoyama Ichiro (1900-1993)

Photograph of Yokoyama Ichiro

Naval History and Heritage Command

#80-G-490350. Cropped by author.

Yokoyama Ichiro was Japan's last naval attaché to the United States prior to the war. Exchanged for his American counterpart in August 1942, he led the "Allied" team in a series of war games that predicted the actual course of the war with remarkable accuracy. This did the Imperial Navy little good, for the outcome of the war games was swept under the rug. Yokoyama himself was given command of the Kuma for a year, then made top aide to the Navy minister, where he served the remainder of the war. He had the unpleasant duty of leading the Navy's delegates to Manila to arrange details of the Japanese surrender.

Service record

1900-3-1   born
1919-10-9 Midshipman     
Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 7th in a class of 155. Assigned to CA Tokiwa
1920-5-31   BB Hyuga
1920-8-1 Ensign  
1920-12-1   Gunnery School Basic Course
1921-5-20   Torpedo School Basic Course
1921-12-1   DD Fubuki
1922-4-8   CL Idzumo
1922-12-1 Lieutenant junior grade
1923. 2-10     
  BB Mutsu
1924-12-1 Lieutenant Gunnery School Advanced Course
1925-12-1   BB Yamashiro
1926-12-1   DD-7
1928-5-16   1 Naval District
1928-12-10   Naval College "A" Course
1930-12 Lieutenant commander     
S1, Bureau of Naval Affairs
1931-5-1   Yale University, United States
1932-5. 2   Assistant attaché, United States
1933-11-25   Bureau of Naval Affairs
1935-11-15 Commander  
1936-12-15   Staff, Cruiser Division 5
1937-11-15   Navy Ministry
1939-12-12   Staff, 2 China Fleet
1940-9-10   Attaché, United States
1940-11-15 Captain  
1942-8-26   Exchanged
1942-11-5   Staff, Cruiser Division 16
1942-11-14   Commander, CL Kuma
1943-9-15   Navy Ministry
1944-7-20   Commander, Tokyo Guard Force
1945-5-1 Rear admiral
1945-5-20   Navy Ministry
Ministry of 2nd Demobilization
1993-7-28   died


Materials of IJN (accessed 2011-10-2)

Prados (1995)

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