Yamaguchi Gisaburo

Yamaguchi commanded 10 Base Force during most of the first year of the Pacific War. Later promoted to command of Chinkai Guard District, he surrendered all Japanese naval forces in southern Korea on 9 September 1945.

Service record

1912-7-17 Midshipman Graduates from Naval Academy, standing 36th in a class of 144. Assigned to CL Soya
1913-5-1   BB Iwami
1913-12-1 Ensign  
1914-1-15   Awating assignment
1914-2-19   BB Fuji
1915-1-25   CL Idzumo
1915-12-13 Lieutenant junior grade
Torpedo School Basic Course
1916-6-1   Gunnery School Basic Course
1916-12-1   CL Chiyoda
1917-12-1   DD Tachibana
1918-12-1 Lieutenant Torpedo School Advanced Course
1919-12-1   DD Hinoki
1920-8-23   Staff, 1 Expeditionary Fleet
1921-12-1   3 Naval District
1922-9-30   CL Nisshin
1922-11-20   Instructor, Torpedo School
1924-12-1 Lieutenant commander     
Naval College A-Course
1926-12-1   BB Nagato
1927-12-1   Aide-de-campe, Prince Nobuhito
1929-11-30 Commander  
1930-4-26   Staff, Combined Fleet
1931-1-10   Navy General Staff
1931-2-10   Trip to Europe and United States
1931-12-1   Trainer, Naval Academy
1933-11-15 Captain
1933-12-20   Chief Instructor, Communications School
1935-11-15   Commander, CL Oi
1936-12-1   Chief, S1, Bureau of Education, Navy Ministry
1938-11-15   Commander, BB Ise
1939-11-15 Rear admiral
Schoolmaster, Communications School
1941-10-10   Chief of Staff, 3 Naval District
1942-12-2   Commander, 10 Base Force
1943-11-1 Vice admiral
1943-11-25   Navy General Staff
1944-1-15   Commander, Ryojun Special Base Force
1945-4-20   Commander, Chinkai Guard District
1972-12-13   Dies


"The Japanese Surrender Documents: WWII" (accessed 2012-11-12)

Materials of IJN (accessed 2009-2-12)
Pettibone (2007)

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