Yaeyama, Japanese Minelayer

Photograph of Yaeyama, Japanese minelayer

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Tonnage 1135 tons standard displacement
Dimensions 292'0" by 34'11" by 9'2"
89.00m by 10.64m by 2.79m
Maximum speed       20 knots
Complement 150
Armament 2 4.7"/45 guns
2 13mm/76 machine guns
185 mines
2-shaft geared turbine (4800 ihp)
2 Kampon boilers
Bunkerage 278 tons coal
164 tons fuel oil
Range 4800 nautical miles (8900 km) at 10 knots
Fitted with depth charge racks at some point for escort duty

The Yaeyama was a hybrid minelayer/net tender built in 1932. She was with Minelayer Squadron 17 north of Singapore when war broke out. She was sunk by aircraft on 24 September 1944 off Mindoro.

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