Victoria, U.S. Oiler

Photograph of oiler George G. Henry, later commissioned as USS Victoria
Naval Historical Center#NH 65594-A


Tonnage 4650 tons light displacement
15,150tons fully loaded
Dimensions 453' by 56'  by 28'
138.1m by 17.1m by 8.5m
Maximum speed       10 knots
Complement 175
Armament 1 5"/38 dual-purpose guns
4 3"/50 AA guns
2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
4x2 20mm Oerlikon AA guns
1-shaft Sun vertical triple-expansion reciprocationg (3200 shp)
2 Union Scotch boilers
Capacity 68,000 barrels
9,300 tons

The Victoria was originally the George G. Henry, a civilian tanker built by Union Iron Works Company for Standard Oil in 1917. This obsolescent ship had seen service in the First World War, and was in Manila under charter to Standard-Vacuum Oil Company when war broke out in the Pacific. She escaped to Balikpapan and points farther south and refueled the ABDA forces throughout the Netherlands East Indies campaign. On 15 April 1942 she was taken over by the Navy, renamed Victoria, and served throughout the war, issuing over 2 million barrels of fuel oil by the time of the surrender.



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