Vancouver, Oregon

Kaiser Vancouver shipyard

U.S. Department of Commerce. Via Lane (1951)

(122.66W 45.64N) Vancouver was the location of one of the Kaiser shipbuilding yards operated for the Maritime Commission, with 12 ways.  It had good rail connections and frontage on the Columbia River within the river's limits of navigability for oceangoing vessels. Pearson Field (122.656W 45.62N) was located nearby.

Vancouver Barracks was an assembly area for units shipping out of the port of Seattle. In June 1944, it had an area of 3,019 acres (1222 hectares) and accomodations for 250 officers and 7,295 men. When war broke out, 18 Engineer Combat Regiment was already assembled here.

American engineer units arriving at Vancouver Barracks

340 Engineer General Services Regiment
Arrived 1942-5-5

1319 Engineer General Services Regiment     
Arrived 1944-10-24       African-American

Rail connections

Camp Bonneville




Lane (1951)

Stanton (2006)

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