U.S. Asiatic Fleet

The Asiatic Fleet was responsible for patrolling U.S. possessions in the Far East. With no unit larger than a cruiser, it could not possibly stand up for long against Combined Fleet, and in fact the Philippines had been effectively written off in Navy pre-war planning. With the destruction of MacArthur's air power on the first day of the war, Hart withdrew all his forces except for submarines and some small units. This created lasting bitterness in MacArthur towards the Navy.

Administrative structure, 7 December 1941:

Asiatic Fleet (Hart; at Manila)      

AO Pecos

  Strike Force/Task Force 5 (Glassford; at Iloilo)      

  CA Houston

CL Marblehead (at Tarakan)

CL Boise (at Cebu CIty) Boise was assigned to Pacific Fleet but had just escorted a convoy to the PI. She was "borrowed" by Hart when it appeared that war was imminent.

Destroyer Squadron 29

DD Paul Jones (at Tarakan)

AD Black Hawk (at Balikpapan)

Destroyer Division 59

  DD John D. Ford (at Manila)

DD Pope (at Manila)

DD Peary (at Cavite) Being overhauled

DD Pillsbury (at Cavite) Being overhauled

Destroyer Division 58 (at Tarakan)

DD Parrott



DD Stewart

Destroyer Division 57 (at Balikpapan)      

DDJohn D. Edwards




Patrol Wing 10

AV Langley (at Cavite)

AVD Childs

28 PBY Catalina

4 J2F Duck

1 OS2U Kingfisher

AVD William B. Preson (at Davao)

VP-101: 4 PBY Catalina

8 PBY Catalina (at Olongapo)

AV Heron (at Puerto Princessa)

4 OS2U Kingfisher

Submarine Squadron 20 (at Cavite)

AS Canopus

AS Holland (at Manila)

ASR Pigeon

AS Otus (at Mariveles)

Submarine Division 21

SS Salmon

SS Seal

SS Skipjack

SS Sargo

SS Saury

SS Spearfish

Submarine Division 22

SS Snapper

SS Stingray

SS Sturgeon (at Mariveles)

SS Sculpin

SS Sailfish

SS Swordfish


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