U.S. Amphibious Force

The Amphibious Force, Pacific Fleet, had operational control of large ground units assigned to the Pacific Fleet.

Operational structure, 7 December 1941:

Amphibious Force (Upshur; at San Diego)
  2 Marine Division (Vogel)
Less 6 Regiment, which was in Iceland

2 Marine Defense Battalion (at North Island)    

2 Marine Air Wing (Rowell; at North Island)      

MAG-23 (at Ewa)

5 F4F Wildcat

20 SBD Dauntless

14 F2A Buffalo (at North Island)

1 J2F Duck (at North Island)

2 OS2U Kingfisher  (at North Island)

3 Division (Lucas; at Fort Lewis) On loan from IX Corps

References (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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