U.S. 6”/47 Mark 16 Gun

Photograph of 6"/47 gun turrets on a Cleveland class light cruiser

Navy History and Heritage Command #NH 98088

Cropped by author


Ammunition type
Semi-fixed APC, HC and common shells
Weight of round 130 lbs
59 kg
Velocity 2500 feet per second
762 meters per second
Maximum elevation      
60 degrees
Range 26,118 yards
23,882 meters
Firing cycle 6-8 seconds

This was the standard armament for most U.S. light cruisers. A dual mounting with antiaircraft capability was under development when the war ended.

The gun was designed for very rapid fire, but while its super-heavy shells had excellent penetration, they also proved to have a defective fuse design, giving a very high percentage of duds during the crucial battles in the Solomons.


Campbell (1985)

Friedman (2008) (2012-12-6; accessed 2013-10-9)

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