Ukishima Maru, Japanese Auxiliary Cruiser


Tonnage 4730 gross register tons
Dimensions 355'7" by 51'6" by 23'0"
108.38m by 15.70m by 7.01m
Maximum speed       16.5 knots
Armament 6 4.7"/45 guns
1 light machine gun
219 tons fuel oil

The Ukishima Maru was a merchant ship of the Osaka Shosen line converted to a commerce raiding role in April 1942. She was converted to a transport in 1945.

On 24 August 1945, following the final cease fire, the Ukishima Maru exploded as it approached Maizuru. 524 Koreans and 25 Japanese on board were killed in the disaster. The most plausible explanation is that the ship struck an American mine, but the belief became widespread in Korea that the Japanese had deliberately blown up the ship to prevent an uprising.

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