Type A Detector System


375 to 750 cm
Pulse width
Pulse repetition frequency     
Peak power
400 w
Range Up to 400 miles (640 km)
Separate transmitter and receiver
Accuracy none
Resolution none
Production Widely deployed

The Type A Detector System was a very primitive form of radio detection that was nonetheless widely deployed in the inner Japanese Empire. It consisted of separate transmitter and receiver antennas many miles apart, with the transmitter sending a continuous wave signal. Aircraft flying between the transmitter and receiver created an interference pattern on the receiver scope, but there was no information on precise bearing, altitude, or number of aircraft. It was thus nothing more than an electronic tripwire that could be laid across possible aircraft approach routes.

The antennas were typically placed up to 100 miles (160 km) apart, but one pair covered the 400 miles (640 km) between Shanghai and Formosa.


Price (2005)

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