Type 42 Fire Control Radar


150 cm
Pulse width
3 microseconds
Pulse repetition frequency      
1000 Hz
Peak power
13 kW
Range 12 miles (20 km) single aircraft
25 miles (40 km) formation of aircraft
Transmitter: 2x4 dipoles (Type 41) or 4 Yagi (Type 42)
Azimuth receiver: 2x4 dipoles (Type 41) or 4 Yagi (Type 42)
Elevation receiver: 6 dipoles (Type 41)
A scope
11,000 lb
5000 kg
Production: 50 Type 41 from 1943-8
60 Type 42 from 1944-10
121 Type 43 from 1945-7

The Type 42 or Type 4 Mark 2 was a Navy searchlight radar based on British sets captured at Singapore and possibly an SCR-268 captured in the Philippines.  The set made use of lobe switching. A similar set, the Army Tachi-4 fire control radar, was used to control 88mm Type 99 antiaircraft guns, one example being captured at the Intramuros of Manila. The earlier Type 41 differed in using dipoles in place of a Yagi array and in using a separate elevation receiver. The Type 43 was a lightweight version weighing 1100 lb (500 kg).


Guerlac (1987)

Nakagawa (1997)

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