Type 32 Fire Control Radar

Photograph of Type 32 radar

National Archives. Via Nakagawa (1993).


Wavelength 10 cm
Pulse Width 10 microsecond
Pulse Repetition Frequency     
2500 Hz
Power 2 kW
Range 6 nautical miles (12 km) destroyer
20 nautical miles (35 km) battleship
Transmitter: single horn
Receiver: Pair of horns employing lobe switching
A scope
Accuracy 250 yards/0.25 degrees
230 meters/0.25 degrees
1 ton
Production: 60 sets from 1944-9

The Japanese Type 32 or Mark 3 Model 2 was a fire control radar for warships. It used lobe switching of a two-horn receiver to achieve directional accuracy. It became available too late to help the surface fleet but was deployed as a fire control radar for coastal artillery. The Type 31 was a much heavier early version (5 tons) using a single parabolic antenna, while the Type 33, which was never produced in quantity, was a lightweight version of Type 32 weighing 1760 pounds (800 kg). None of the variants was considered outstandingly successful.


Grunden (2005)

Nakagawa (1997)

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