Type 144 Sonar

This sonar was installed on British escort ships beginning in 1943. It had a normal range of about 2500 yards (2300 meters) but could reach 3000 yards (2700 meters) under ideal conditions. It was integrated into the fire control of throw-ahead weapons such as Hedgehog. It introduced the use of a bearing recorder to accompany the range recorder, and it also introduced automatic scanning, turning 5 degrees after each ping. This reduced the burden on the operator, allowing him to concentrate on listening for contacts.

Type 147 or "Sword" was a depth finding sonar used in conjunction with Type 144. Its beam was broad horizontally but narrow vertically and could be steered vertically.

Also used in conjuction with Type 144 was the Q attachment, which greatly reduced the blind spot directly under the escort ship. Q and its successor, the more powerful Q2, produced a beam just three degrees wide in the horizontal but up to 60 degrees deep in the vertical. Its transducer was mounted with and trained with the main Type 144 transducer.


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