Type 12 Early Warning Radar

Photographs of wrecked Type 12 radar
Schematic of Type 12 radar
U.S. Navy OPNAV-16-VP101. Via


150/200 cm
Pulse width
10 microseconds
Peak power
5 kW
Range 30 miles (50 km) single aircraft
60 miles (100 km) formation of aircraft
14' by 29' (4.3m by 8.8m) mattress of two layers of three horizontal dipoles
A scope
13,200 lb
6000 kg
Production About 50 from 1942-12. Those produced before 1944-4 were considered prototypes.

Also known as the Mark 1 Model 2 Type 2, or informally as the "mobile mattress", the Type 12 radar was a Japanese Navy land-based radar. It appears to have been a modification of the Type 11 using the same antenna configuration but mounted on a mobile trailer. The Japanese considered it their best search radar in general use. The Allies discovered examples of this radar at Roi-Namur and Kwajalein.


Grunden (2005)

Nakagawa (1997)

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