Tromp, Dutch Light Cruiser

Photograph of Tromp-class light cruiser

KONINKLIJKE MARINE (Royal Dutch Navy). Free use copyright applies.


Tonnage 3450 tons standard
Dimensions 433' by 40'9" by 14'2"
131.97m by 12.43m by 4.64m
Maximum speed       32.5 knots
Complement 309
1 seaplane
No catapult
Armament 3x2 5.9"/50 guns
2x2 40mm Bofors AA guns
4x1 0.50 machine guns
3x2 21" torpedo tubes
Two depth charge throwers
Protection 450 tons:
0.63" (16mm) belt
0.79"-1.18" (20mm-30mm) torpedo bulkhead
0.59" to 1" (15mm to 25mm) deck
0.59" to 1" (15mm to 25mm) gun shields
2-shaft Parsons geared turbine (56,000 shp)
4 Yarrow boilers
Bunkerage 860 tons fuel oil
Range 6000 nautical miles (11,000 km) at 12 knots
1942: 2 3" AA guns, 6x1 20mm Oerlikon AA guns added. Radar installed. One depth charge thrower and the seaplane removed.
1943-11: 2 additional 3" guns added. The quad 0.50 machine gun mount was replaced with four singles.

The Tromps were very small and lightly armored cruisers, in some respect resembling armored super destroyers. Authorized in 1931, they were originally intended to serve as destroyer flotilla leaders, but this may have been a political ploy to slip a light cruiser design for Far Eastern waters into the Navy budget.

The second ship of this class, Jacob van Heemskerck, was still incomplete when war broke out in Europe. She was completed in Britain as an antiaircraft cruiser and is described separately.

Tromp herself was with Task Force 2 in Sunda Strait when war broke out. She spent the entire war in the Pacific Theater.


Whitley (1995)

Worth (2001)

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